Austria is steadily falling behind in Europe when it comes to renewables

Federal states must now enable the expansion of renewables St. Polten (OTS) – When it comes to the share of renewable energies in consumption, Austria is falling further and further behind in an EU comparison. While the share of renewables in total energy consumption has increased by an average of 36.1 percent in the EU … Read more

Parliament session: Global warming could cost us 38 billion by 2050

Posted13 mars 2023, 22:19 session of parliament: Global warming could cost us 38 billion by 2050 Asked about the economic damage caused by rising temperatures, the Federal Council articulated some stunning figures. Global warming will not only have a big impact on Swiss landscapes but also on federal finances. 20min/Community Global warming could be expensive, … Read more

The best cafes in the 6th district

Vienna and its coffee houses: On the one hand, there are the places where Viennese writers used to turn the door handle. On the other hand, there are trendy and lovable newcomers that make hipster hearts beat faster. This results in a colorful mix of cafés that make the 6th district something very special.

📰 What are “carbon sinks” and how can they contribute to carbon neutrality in France?

In the European Union, and in most developed countries, a goal of “carbon neutrality” has been set by 2050. This is to offset CO emissions2 anthropogenic to the atmosphere by absorptions de CO2using systems that piègent more CO2 atmospheric than they emit – plants are a prime example. They are called “carbon sinks”. Forests are … Read more

Study reveals emergence of new technological leaders after the pandemic » Crónica Viva

Cisco AppDynamics, the provider of observability and application performance monitoring technology, released the results of its “Agents of Transformation 2022” study, its fourth annual report analyzing the skills and attributes of the global app elite. technology specialists. The report reveals that in the wake of the pandemic, a new class of technology experts has emerged, … Read more